Interested in serving on the Board?

Being part of the HOA board can be a very rewarding experience. You’re on the front lines of running the community and enacting meaningful change. You are an integral part of creating an environment where people love to live. However, this position also comes with challenges and board members may feel like their work is never done. Boards are made up of volunteers for, 3 year terms, who are passionate about where they live and choose to donate their time. 

Board Responsibilities

The board of directors is primarily responsible for protecting the assets of the member-owners. Directors are expected to act in good faith and in the best interests of the building as a whole. 

It’s important to note that whether you are president or an officer, every vote carries equal weight, which is why there is always an odd number of board members on each board.

Board members need to demonstrate discretion, as sensitive material is sometimes shared in the board meetings regarding tenants, money or other aspects.

Board members will at times have to vote on issues where the outcome may be unpopular with residents—but if it’s for the greater good of the community, they can’t allow themselves to be pressured into voting for what’s popular, as opposed to what’s best for the whole community.

How to apply

Are you organized, proactive, patient and a team player? If so, consider a position on the Windbrooke Board of Directors. If there are vacancies, you can apply by filling out a form, in order to be placed on the ticket. Voting will take place on the night of the meeting, or by proxy if you cannot attend.