Parking Policy

It is the responsibility of residents to keep their vehicles in working order and registered. Any broken down or unregistered vehicle will receive a violation. If left unresolved, the vehicle is subject to towing after a 48 hour tow notice is placed. If your vehicle is towed, contact Speedy Towing. To learn all the details related to Windbrooke’s parking policy, consult the Rules and Regulations portion of the bylaws. For an easily accessible pdf, log in to your account and view under the “documents” menu tab.

Tips for parking at Windbrooke:

  • If you have multiple vehicles, consider parking only your principle vehicle in prime spots. This allows residents of varying capabilities to park close to their building and locks you in as a certified good neighbor!
  • Car break-ins, while rare, have occured. Keep your car doors locked at all times to deter tampering.

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