Trash/Recycling Schedule

Monday:  Trash & Recycling
Thursday:  Trash Only

Collection Time: All refuse needs to be outside by 7 AM. If you miss the collection you are responsible for removing your trash from the common elements.

Holidays: If a Federal holiday falls on a service day (Mon. or Thurs.), service will be skipped due to the closure of the Shady Grove Transfer Station. See below for the affected holidays for 2022. To track future holidays and learn more about county trash/recycling, click here.

  • New Year’s Day – (observed) Monday, January 2/2023 – SERVICE PROVIDED

Rules & Tips

  1. Rule for Trash: Place materials curbside on the morning of pick-up, not the night before. If you miss the pick-up window, you are responsible for removing your trash from the common areas until the next pick-up day
  2. Rules for Recycling: Materials must be separated into paper and plastic/aluminum.
  3. Tip for reducing animal interference: Do not place trash outside the night before and use black trash bags to deter rummaging animals. For extra protection, place a few drops of vinegar into the bag to neutralize strong odors. If animals get into your trash, you are responsible for cleaning up the debris.

Bulk Trash

A bulk pick up is any non-recyclable item that cannot fit into your trash can. All metal items, cardboard/paper and/or commingle (bottles, cans, glass, aluminum, etc.). Every unit has two complimentary bulk pick-ups per year.

To properly dispose of bulk trash, you must take the following steps:

  1. Schedule a pick-up with RRR: Click Here
  2. Take the contents of your debris outside on the DAY OF the scheduled pick up, NOT before.
  3. Under no circumstances should bulk trash remain on the grounds prior to or beyond the day of scheduled pick-up. Otherwise a violation will be sent to the unit responsible.

If you witness a trash violation, please contact TMGA to report.

Community Clean-Up Days

Trash collection is only one part of the process in maintaining a clean community. Being mindful of how your habits affect the community go a long way. All residents have the responsibility of adhering to the collection rules.

Join in to keep Windbrooke clean by participating alongside your neighbors in one of our community clean-up days.

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