Windbrooke Pets

We love our 4-legged neighbors and want them to enjoy the community as much as all residents. To help make that happen, learn and adhere to the following rules to ensure responsible pet ownership at Windbrooke.


  • Rules allow a maximum of 2 pets per household
  • Always use the bags and depositories that are provided by “Doody Calls.” There are four stations located throughout the community
  • Pets are to be leashed at all times
  • Be aware that excessive barking can be deemed as a noise violation
  • Pets are not to be left on balconies/patios. This is especially hazardous in extreme hot/cold weather, and is considered against the law
  • Become familiar with the county’s anti-cruelty, public nuisance and pet ownership laws enforced by Montgomery County Animal Services. If you witness any form of animal neglect or abuse, contact them at 240.773.5900