A wetlands scene from central Maryland with Pickerel Weed, Pontederia cordata, attracting honey bees and a Spicebush Swallowtail butterfly, Papilio troilus.

Windbrooke Green Team Resource Page

Through a partnership between the University of MD, Sustainable Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay Trust, Windbrooke has been chosen to participate in an environmental community grant program for Gaithersburg HOAs. We are now looking for interested residents to build upon this initiative as we begin formulating short and long term goals. Those with an interest in Windbrooke’s landscaping, trash/recycling, energy usage, watershed impact and other environmental issues are encouraged to join!

Program Background

The Environmental Finance Center (EFC) at the University of Maryland received a grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust to develop and pilot the Sustainable Maryland Residential Action Framework and Outreach Campaign. This effort is working with homeowners and civic associations (HOAs/CAs) in the City of Gaithersburg to increase both awareness and participation in watershed stewardship and sustainability activities in HOAs/CAs.

Project Goals

  • Increase awareness about the issue of natural resources and watershed protection
  • Educate residents about the multiple community benefits that sustainability projects can bring to a community
  • Strategically engage the leadership and residents of HOAs/CAs in the implementation of sustainability watershed protection activities in their communities
  • Develop a strong network of sustainability advocates

This project will help provide HOAs/CAs with the resources and technical assistance needed to establish their own sustainability initiatives. Whether it is stormwater management, climate action, or community health, the program provides a framework for community initiatives while providing the guidance and resources for taking action.

Interested in Windbrooke’s Green Team?

To learn more about the grant program and the types of projects a community Green Team can accomplish, log into FrontSteps and navigate to the “Documents” section to view relevant materials. If you are interested in joining Windbrooke’s inaugural team, take the committee survey also found inside your FrontSteps account.